Presentation by Prof. Eric Abbott (Ohio State University) & Mr Sostino Mocumbe (Mozambique)

Topic: A roadmap for a participatory mobile application for farmers:

The talk is to focused on sharing a road map for a participatory Mobile Phone App development and to discuss the utility of such a technology as a method of communicating information to and from farmers, agricultural specialists/extensionists, and organizations in Uganda.  Other examples of agricultural Apps developed by other partnering groups in Uganda  where  also demonstrated.


Mr. Sostino Mocumbe is currently working on a USAID Feed the Future project “Farmer Decision Strategies for Improved Soil Fertility Management in Maize-Bean Production Systems” and has worked with Programmers to develop a prototype stand-alone App at IIAM in Mozambique to illustrate what can be done at the basic level.

Prof. Abbott is a communication and media expert. He is currently working as an international consultant on agricultural and rural development projects in Uganda, Mozambique and Tajikistan

Prof: Oboth During his presentation to the DI group
Mr. Sostino Speeks to the DI Group about his project with the Mozambique Maize and beans Farmers

Author: Khoba

Graduate Research Assistant, Makerere University, web-developer @ MIT candidate @ Makerere University