Presentation by Ms. Carol Smith

TOPIC: User Research and Usability Testing:
Getting out of your office is the first step to making better interactions. Carol used her experience to provide recommendations for preparing for all types of field user research and tips for conducting studies focused on understanding interactions that technology users have with developed tools.

Carol is a Senior Design Manager with IBM Watson. She has facilitated hundreds of usability studies in her 16-year user experience career. She currently manages a team of designers (researchers, interaction designers and visual designers) at IBM, creating and improving Watson products in an Agile environment.

Carol holds a Master’s degree in Human-Computer Interaction from DePaul University, served on the UXPA board of directors, and is active with many UX related organizations.

Ms Carol during her presentation to the DI Group

Author: Khoba

Graduate Research Assistant, Makerere University, web-developer @ MIT candidate @ Makerere University